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Planning for the future of your family can be a challenging task to accomplish. When taking into account your property and assets, finances, and specific family circumstances, it can seem like a tiresome burden. At LoVetro Law Office, our estate planning attorney is here to help you create a long-lasting and beneficial plan that you and your family can rely on. Whether you need to draft a will or living trust or name a power of attorney or guardian, we are here to lead you through the legal system. If you reside in Frederick County, Maryland, including the city of Frederick, get in contact with us and schedule an initial consultation of your estate planning case. 

What Makes Our Attorney Different?

Before attending law school, our estate planning attorney – Cristine Evans LoVetro – studied gerontology, which is the study of aging and the troubles that elderly people face. This is a unique insight to possess, especially when helping people with elder law including estate planning, guardianships, and probate. Many lawyers do not have a background in gerontology, which gives our attorney the experience that you may need for your estate planning needs. To speak with our attorney, contact us today. 

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When people think of wills and trusts, people often just associate the documents with how you will transfer your property after your death. While you are able to communicate what you would like to happen to your assets and finances after your death, there are many other benefits for you and your family as well. In a will, you are able to name a guardian for your underage children and a manager for your children’s properties. Along with that, you are able to determine how your debts should be paid. Wills are cheaper and easier to draft and maintain, however, a will becomes public and may not be immune from probate. To discuss if a will is the right document for you, contact our estate planning attorney in Frederick, Maryland, and schedule an initial consultation.

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Similar to a will, a living trust gives you the ability to name beneficiaries for your assets and property after your death. There are a few distinct differences, however. While trusts are more expensive and time-consuming to draft, they can remain confidential when completed and avoids probate. You are able to go back and make modifications throughout the process, but you are not able to name a guardian for your children. A trust is ideal for families or individuals with a large net worth. If you think a trust is the right decision for you, get in contact with our estate planning attorney at LoVetro Law Office. 


If there are children or adults with disabilities in your family that need guardians, our estate planning attorney can help you. By naming a legal guardian, you can choose a trusted person or persons (family members, friends, etc.) as the caretakers of your loved ones. These guardians can make important life decisions and be in charge of the upbringing and general care of those who need help. Do you need to name a guardian for a member of your family? Contact us in Frederick, Maryland for help. 

Power of Attorney

Similar to guardianships, by choosing someone to be your power of attorney, you are trusting someone to be in charge of the most important decisions of your life including healthcare, finances, legal, and more. By hiring our estate planning attorney, you will have the guidance and insight into the right way to make this decision. Reach out to us today and let’s get started. 

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Our estate planning attorney is ready to help you make beneficial plans today. From will and trust drafting to choosing a power of attorney or guardian, your every estate planning need can be taken care of. Get in contact with us today at LoVetro Law Office in Frederick, Maryland, and schedule your initial case consultation.