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Each family is different. When a loved one, whether he or she is an underage child or an adult with a disability, he or she deserves someone that you trust to be appointed as a guardian. Choosing someone that you feel is appropriate to be your family member’s legal guardian can be daunting but can be easier if you have a trusted guardianship/estate planning attorney at your side. At LoVetro Law Office, we help parents, siblings, and other family members establish paternity for those who need protection in the future. No matter what your specific needs are, our attorney is here to help you. Contact us today and schedule an initial consultation of your guardianship case. We provide our services to families all over Frederick County, Maryland, including the city of Frederick. 

Why Should You Hire Our Estate Planning Attorney?

Our guardianship/estate planning attorney has nearly 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Over the course of her lengthy career, Christine Evans LoVetro has handled dozens of various estate planning cases including will and trust creation, probate, and more. Her vast knowledge of estate planning and elder law allows her to serve you more holistically. Whether you are looking to name a guardian in your will or you believe that you no longer have the capacity to take care of a loved one, estate planning attorney LoVetro is here to help you. Reach out to her today and learn how she can assist you.

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Naming a Guardian for a Minor

In Maryland, there are two common instances that can require someone to be appointed as the guardian of a child. The first instance is when a parent or parents are not available to take care of the child anymore, whether it be because of death or another type of unavailability to the child. The other reason a child can be appointed a different guardian is if the mental or physical capacity of the child’s parents has diminished and they can no longer act as a caretaker. The court’s main priority is the well-being of the child. The parents are able to recommend who they believe is the best fit to be the child’s caretaker and the court will take it highly into consideration. If you need to create a will or more swiftly name a guardian or co-guardian for your child, please do not hesitate in reaching out to our law firm in Frederick, Maryland, and in speaking to our estate planning attorney. 

Naming a Guardian for a Disabled Adult

It is not always apparent when an adult with a disability is in need of a legal guardian. If a psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified clinical social worker has deemed the said adult has a diminished capacity and a power of attorney is not applicable to this specific situation, then a legal guardian may be named. It is the court’s final decision if they believe a guardian needs to be named. With us at your side, our estate planning attorney can help you explore every option available to you and lead you in the direction that works best for your specific situation. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs. 

Difference Between Guardianship and Power of Attorney

There are some distinct differences between guardianships and power of attorney. When naming a power of attorney, you do not need a court ruling for its activation. A power of attorney is only named when a person is not able to take care of certain life decisions such as medical needs (healthcare power of attorney), legal decisions, or financial matters. If you are unsure if your loved one requires a guardian or power of attorney, do not hesitate to contact our estate planning attorney in Frederick, Maryland for trustworthy advice. 

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It may seem complicated to name a guardian for your loved one. Our estate planning attorney at LoVetro Law Office is here to lead you and your family in the right direction. If you reside in Frederick, Maryland, contact us today and schedule your initial consultation.